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Trying out Digeus Registry Cleaner 5.4

March 31, 2010
I try out new products every once in a while that help clean out my laptop of unnecessary junk. One way of speeding things up on my PC’s is to clean the registry… now I am not that great at doing it by putting in “regedit” and removing stuff. In fact I have done that and messed things up. I have found some products in the past that work well. I found Crap Cleaner and Glary Utilities both work well, yet both seem to also miss things when I run my anti-spy programs. In fact, I have some great anti-spy products that miss things in the registry or finds the issue, yet does not remove it. I recently was introduced to who have a product called, Registry Cleaner (Yeah, I know… not an original name but who cares if it works. I ran it once and found a entry I thought I had removed. None of the other programs found it. (If you have loaded eMule on your computer you know how hard it is to remove it.) In fact it came out with over 637 bad entries! I had just ran my Glary Utilities yesterday!
Of course this impresses me. I mean if you think a program is gone and still find it, it is not… and this day and age who knows what is left and what information is being passed on. (Yeah, I am that paranoid! LOL!)
Give it a try and let me know what you think.
Here is some info:
Digeus Registry Cleaner 5.4

Award winning software starts by conducting a deep scan of your registry, checking for file extension errors and other registry conflicts. With Digeus Registry Cleaner you’ll see immediate increases in performance and decreases in system conflicts.Here is the list of the most commonly reported computer problems which will be solved:
– Slow Boot up
– Longer Machine Response Time
– Unexpected System Crashes
– BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)
– Unresponsive System
– Slower Internet Browser Response
– Slow Start Up of Your Favorite Software
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