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A President Born from the Sewage of Reality TV: no one was listening

November 10, 2016

Here is some amazing insights from an amazing person.

Burning Religion

the_apprentice_logoFor me, one of the largest lessons of this election has to do with the ears of America. In a general sense, they are closed. This is not something I did not know, but I have been mildly surprised by the severity of this self-imposed deafness.

Before the election of Donald Trump, the left spent most of its time slamming the right, and the right spent its time denigrating Hillary Clinton and the left. The parties were equally complicit in nastiness and dirty tactics. This year, for perhaps the first time in a long time, the manipulation of the Democratic Party appeared far more organized and connected with big business than its opposition. The Republican Party through its chosen voice slandered and berated its opposition like a junior-high schoolyard bully. The voters followed suit, or the suits. *

After the election, the voices of the public are just as polarized…

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