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A Sermon for Discernment Folks… and for the rest of us also.

February 10, 2010

Conflict Resolution from Northland Church on Vimeo.

Thanks to Brian McLaren for pointing this out on his blog.



Brannon Howse spreads lies about "Red Letter Christians"

October 17, 2009

I keep coming across people who slander others and twist what they are doing.
The opening statement in this article written By Jan Markell of re-posted at Christian Worldview run by Brannon Howse.

“In many Bibles, all the words of Jesus are in red. There is nothing wrong with that. But something is wrong when Leftist Christians or so-called Christians want to mute the words of Paul and other writers and only follow Jesus’ words. They call themselves “red-letter Christians.”
It only gets worse in its lies from there.
Now what is the lie here? It is saying that they want to “mute the words of Paul”… They do not. They just believe that Jesus’ words are being overlooked…
Here is the story behind the “Red Letter Christians”. They can be accused or being “politically left wing” but to say they “mute the words of Paul” goes way off the map and to state such a thing is a lie and discredits Brannon Howes. This is the type of thing I come across all the time when worldly politics over-rides Christian “virtue” and becomes more important than loving your brothers and sister’s in Christ. Slanderers will not inherit the Kingdom of God… at least that is what Paul teaches… yet it is accepted by right wing Christians to do this without any accountability. I guess if The Red Letter Christians are Left wing politically for believing the words of Jesus, then Jesus was a total liberal. The Bible is to be taken as a whole. All authors were inspired by God… and Jesus’ words should not be ignored.
Truly what bothers me most is that some people support these ministries that see lying as a way to “protect” truth instead of holding them accountable for their lies.