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My heart’s plea

October 14, 2009
(Time for lunch and one sugarcane to share between us. Picture from Afayo Foundation Uganda)
Almost daily I am asked for help in some for or another. I believe it is because of iggyROCKS! and other things I do on the web that draw people to me. Most often I can tell they are cons yet very often they are not. To give you an idea of the type of requests I receive here is a recent one. I left it unedited. I believe the way it is written shows a sense of urgency.
Dear Carlor , GOD is great that is understanding has no limits that HE is building HIS kingdom and saving the sufferings through you may GOD bless you. i am
lufafa from Uganda writing to you now and i hope that this will find you doing well,I am the pastor of revival faith christians centre in uganda seeking for your support in bibles to enable me do the work with out facing some problems in the community of our lord jesus christ.
i am also the Director of revival care ministries Uganda with 35 orphans and 25 widows
this cause came up due to AIDS which is decimates the social fabric of community,and leaves the whole spiritual edifice teetering at the brink of total collapse .the haed fact that this pandemic lacks cure leaves the infected and the affected people in the situation so hopeless that this hollowness rubs off onto ,and seeps progressively into the individual .
this physical hollowness can easily translate into spiritual needs ,ultimately bringing in question the use of their GOD to them .And because vspiritual satisfaction is part and parcel of the entity of humanity ,provision of humanitarian assistance without it is more like preparing for journey to the land of nowhere for as it written in jams e 1:27 pure and undefiled religion before GOD the father is that which cares for the widows and orphans in their distress ,As Christians ,we can only put claim to the fact that we are true believers ,only when we exhibit unqualified compassion to those in need
This is actually the source
be blessed
It breaks my heart on many levels. One level that hurts me personally is that sometimes I know what the letter will say before I open it. I am not saying I am some psychic; rather often the ones I do not want to open are the ones that God hits me hardest with. Now, I have nothing to give these people. I have done a shoe/clothes drive at my church and we sent about 5 boxes to one similar ministry. Yet, there is so much more that needs to be done. Often just sending bibles would help. Yet, there are other needs. Some organizations need money for schools and other things.
I am just one person. I see a need that I cannot meet. I am saddened and wonder what can be done. Yet, if these people are drawn to me, then just maybe those that have a stirring in their heart will be draw to me also to let me connect them with those who need help. That is my only plan an only prayer. Please pray and let God move in you. I promise to be open in all ways to your ideas. Please… help. I am looking at starting a non profit organization so if anyone knows how to walk me through this please contact me.
James 1: 27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.
* Lufafa is part of another organization and not related to Afayo thought what they do is similar. I am still checking into Lufafa to see what I can do to help.