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Doing the Stroke

January 4, 2011
Doing the Stroke.
First off I must state I am fine.
Last Sunday night around 8pm I stood up and realized I felt dizzy. That is rather normal for me, though this time was unsettling. I then seemed to have a sleepiness and confusion that was not normal for me. I decided to just try to get ready and get to work at 9:30pm and still was wondering if I should go to work or to the emergency room. As it turned out, I was more confused than I realized as I drove to work, walked in and had about three people tell me I did not look right. I decided I needed to go to the emergency room and thankfully, my coworkers decided to have someone give me a ride instead of let me drive myself. As we drove up to the emergency entrance I realized I was having trouble remembering things… I knew my name was Carlos, but it took me a moment to remember my last name.
There was a line, and I felt dizzy as I stood in line to be admitted. I told them I might be having a stroke and they gave me paper work. I began to fill it out yet found my handwriting was like a 6 year old! That was rather scary to realize that as hard as I tried, it was as if someone else was writing. This seemed to clear up a little after a few minutes.
They then took me into the emergency room and asked me a bunch of questions. I could not remember some things and seemed to be affected in memory and emotions… I receive a CAT scan that showed I did not have any bleeding. I was then moved to a room for monitoring and observation.
I was too scared to sleep so just sat up and watched TV most the night. I was able to read, though my attention span was about two paragraphs, so returned to TV.
I waited… I was told I could go home yet had a few more tests they wanted to do. The neurologist felt I may have experienced a TIA 
Yet, it seemed that some of the symptoms were not as straight forward for me. He decided I may need more tests and it was decided I would have an MRI. Later the speech therapist showed up and I found I could add, multiply and divide, but subtraction seemed almost impossible. While I could not remember the date she was pleased I could find a clock and calendar in the room to get the information. She then showed me flash cards with pictures on it and I knew all of them and was even able to correctly state things like “stethoscope”, however… when I looked at a picture of a hammock, I could not recall what it was. I knew what it was used for, but it took me about 10 good long seconds to recall it was called a hammock.
I was told around 3pm Monday I could go home after the MRI… and then told the MRI was going to be after 9pm. It was a long day.
I came home and have no restrictions, though they want me to do some follow up. I seem to be working fine (with the excepting of having some issue with spelling – thank God for spell check!) TES picked me up and we went over to retrieve one of our vehicles from work only to find it had a flat tire. Luckily it was not entirely flat and a gas station had an air pump (which charged us 1 freakin’ dollar!).
Today I am at home taking care of Ciana who had a fever last night. I am thinking a lot about things… God is good… I am blessed…
Thanks to all the Outlaw Preachers and others who prayed for me… I know I am well loved.