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Piper versus Wright: Debating imputed righteousness

August 2, 2009


It seems that N.T Wright and John Piper are in a heavy debate over “righteousness”. Andrew Perriman has an interesting post over at open source theology where he explores both views. Personally both view to me have merit. I do think that the idea of “court of justice” type righteousness may be a bit misunderstood due to contextualization with the “American” view of what courts and Justice might be. I see more merit in the “ledger” view as it just makes more sense in the context over all. (At least to me).

Yet, either way, in a sense we do end up with “imputation” of Christ’s righteousness to us as by the Cross all things are being set right… so God’s righteousness is imputed and imparted to all creation and to us as we believe on Jesus.
Maybe I see things a bit differently from both… I am more Reformed than I care to admit, yet at the same time I am not Reformed as I see that there are many restrictions in the same sense the Roman Catholic dogmas inhibit understanding of Scripture. Sometimes trying to prove a doctrinal statement clouds what Scripture actually teaches and states.
So I pass it on to you who read this blog, and ask, what is your take? Not just what side of this argument you fall on, but rather, what do you see the Bible teaching?

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