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End of one year and looking at the next…

January 29, 2012

2011 was a tough year and while there were some fun eventsthat happened, there were some I would rather never relive. I won’t go into thedetails other than saying having a minor stroke, losing my job, then about timeI feel ready to return to job hunting, I am assaulted and left with a broken ankle.
Now I am recovering well and see that soon I can begin thejob hunting fun. Though, since I have been out of work so long it seems arather daunting task to behold.  I havenot been much up to writing on my blog and have tried to do some live shows onSaving Faith Radio. Neither pays the bills…
This may be the final days of Saving Faith Radio At present, I am without supporters or sponsors.  It is frustrating as the station is consistentlyin the top ten in its genre and I receive “A listener likes you” emails on a daily basis. I know there are people listening yet no one isable or willing to help out.
Over the 12 years the station has been on the air, I havebeen amazed at where the stats have taken it. I have been contacted by peoplewho were in European countries that are not “Christian” friendly as well as seestats from China and Arab nations that outright censor Christian stations. Isee the main reason is that the music I play is not all CCM style but pullsfrom a variety of music from people who profess faith Jesus Christ. I mean,what other “Christian” station plays Alice Cooper can you think of?
While I have heard many huge Christian stations talk ofcutting $1 million from their budget, I have been able to run Saving FaithRadio for less than $500 a year.  Thinkabout that for a minute. I have also been able to help facilitate moving money forministries into nations many people have not been able to. We have helped feedorphans in India and send shoes to Africa as well as teaching material to othernations Of course this all happened with the help of others.
On the other side, we have helped get artists be heard thatotherwise are not heard. We have played many unsigned artists who later went onto become successful as well as played artists who had great success in thepast but cannot or choose not to tour, yet produce great music.
Saving Faith Radio has done more than I thought it would inits 12 years and in that I am proud of it. However, since money is tighter thisyear than ever, and no one has stepped up, I am most likely letting it go. Ialready cannot renew my podcast I know many have enjoyed and benefited from the free promotions of theirbooks and websites.
I pray that those reading will see I would rather not begfor money. I also pray that someone or some people step up and help.  As much as I hate to say goodbye to SavingFaith Radio, this may be the year I have to let it go.