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Great quotes: Walter Martin versus Ken Silva

November 19, 2009

I find it interesting that I am called a heretic when I state that Adam was created “innocent”. Many have attacked me over this over the years. Yet, tonight I was skimming through a book by Walter Martin who states:

“…Adam was created innocent, and God put his divine stamp of approval on that creation by calling him, “the son of God” (Luke 3:38)…”

“Even though Adam was created innocent, by an act of free will he fell into imperfect practices which God allowed so as to not violate the freedom which alone makes it possible for men and angels to choose to love Him.” ~ Essential Christianity by Walter Martin page 17

Many so called “Discernment” ministry people have argued with me… one in particular states I am a “semi-pelagian” (Hi Ken Silva) Yet, it is Ken who claims to have been “mentored” by Walter Martin… this same Walter Martin from whom most likely I first heard this teaching from… (Oh and Ken Silva’s definition of mentoring is that he has listened to Walter Martin tapes… he never met the man so if that is the case, I listened to him live for many years as well as listened to tapes and read his books… so I am also “mentored” as Ken Silva… so have all the same credentials or lack of that he does)

So, as I read this, I find it sad that Ken Silva uses the name of Walter Martin to legitimize himself, yet never met the man… then attacks others for the very thing Walter Martin taught! It is as if Ken Silva is the Anti-Walter Martin.

Walter Martin for all his flaws was a great man in my view. He taught me much… such as not attacking the person but addressing their doctrine when you are trying to lead them to Christ. Ken seemed to miss that point I guess… The point here is that I have addressed Ken Silva’s doctrine… and even now am. He is a brother in Christ… though I see him as very confused. Unlike his words to me, I consider him saved if he claims Jesus. I think his actions and words dishonor Walter Martin greatly and that Ken Silva may need to bone up on Walter Martin as it seems to Ken Silva, Walter Martin was a semi pelagian heretic as he believed and taught many of the same things I do.