My politcal view

February 13, 2011

Liberalism should not be a catch all any more than conservatism… it causes unnecessary division and confusion instead of Christ-like unity and reconciliation. It is like having two monkeys fighting over a banana only to mush it before it can be used. In Christ there is no liberal or conservative, no Jew or Gentile, no male or female, no slave or master… the wall of division came down with the Cross… the empowerment to give justice, mercy, life, freedom, forgiveness came at the Resurrection through the Life of Christ who lives in and through those who believe. To make such nonsense over who is right and who is wrong only proves the bible when it states “no one is right… not one” (paraphrased on purpose) and that all our rightness comes only through Jesus. If we believe this, compassion and love will never be confused as liberalism, but be seen as Christ in us our only hope.

That is my political view.


  1. I thought that this was an excellent summation. It generally frustrates me to no end that so many American Christians tend to think along party lines first, and being members of the kingdom second.

  2. me too

  3. this is my politics post.Look down page to politics headinghttp://080808onnowto.blogspot.com/2009/06/why-proverbs-35-is-really-good.html

  4. I have to say, I have heard many crazy stories about things said to have happened thousands of years ago, but the story about the Ten Commandments is one of the craziest.First, there is absolutely zero evidence, except for the Bible stories, that some kind of celestial god wrote the 10 commandments with his finger, or a pen, a pencil, or even a crayon. The fantasy is even clever enough to say that they were smashed, (again, no evidence except fables) by Moses in order to hide the fact that they probably never existed. Your article about a recreation of them is also based on the same line of fantasies that all of the other “miracles” that cannot be proven through any kind of evidence, (i.e.: the Arc, Jesus coming back to life after being crucified, etc). I guess if you can play on lots of peoples nievity, get them to believe in fantasies, and force them through fear to donate lots of their money to your organization, then you can be financially successful like the Catholic Church is. It certainly allows them to be able to afford to pay off all the lawsuits brought on by all of those child molesting priests, huh?Thanks for the story,PC

  5. Pancho,I understand your skepticism though off topic from the post. However, there was two sets of tablets and though no one may know where the second set is, it is said that the Ethiopian Church has them. I do not know if I believe that or not… The true proof is that God has and is changing my life and thinking beyond what I once was. I cannot "prove" to you anything as well as you cannot disprove what I found as true. Thanks for your thoughts.

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