Been a weird but busy couple of weeks

September 14, 2010
I have been a little silent on my blog. However, been hard at work in other areas… that as it may be, partly that I am looking for a job. Meanwhile, I am selling books on Amazon.com under the name Saving Faith Books (Yeah there are some books I would not rather sell) as well as changing the name of my radio station to Saving Faith Radio (which includes changing over the blog for the station.) I have been selling books pretty well.
The idea behind the station name change was this: I decided that iggyROCKS! sounded a bit amateur. I hope to move on and grow the station in a bit of a different direction and thought the name change to Saving Faith Radio might make it sound more interesting. My thinking is that 1. There is a saving faith that leads us to Jesus. 2. There are many out there who are hurting and their faith is fading, and they need a place to help save their faith. 3. It sounded a bit like saving face… Other than that, it just seemed a time for change. I did notice my numbers have changed dramatically as I was in the top 50 in my genre and now popped into the top 100. Mostly I believe is that no one can find me under the new name. It may take a while for the name to register with live365.com so for at time if you are still looking for my station, you can find it under iggyrocks. Also, I have started more live shows, and have figured out a way to take live calls. Believe me it is all very low-tech.
I also plan to add more shows and have been talking to JR Harrison, who is one of the Out Law Preachers to do an audio version of his blog sermons. I hope this will add a bit more spice to the mix.
While I am writing I might as well point to a few things around the blogosphere. JR Harrison’s blog as he has many great thoughts there… also Brandon Mouser calls out Ken Silva on his version of a picture (Brandon was present for the picture while Ken was sitting in his evil lair thinking of new things to make up.) It is funny reading good ole Ken as he has not changed and begins to sound more and more like Pee Wee Herman “I know you are, but what am I?”

I have fallen in love with the Out Law Preachers. While some are more radical about Grace than I am, I see God is doing something great with these radicals. So if you are on Twitter as well as on Facebook check them out.
I had a run in with an old friend. I still consider him a friend though since he has turned agnostic or atheist or whatever, he seems to be angered when I even try to interact with him. In fact his story is that he was a Fundamentalist Baptist, who slowly became a Christian Universalist, then read a book debunking the inerrancy and infallibility of the bible and so, lost his faith in God all together. I mentioned that these terms are not even taught in the bible (yes it is “God breathed” and “inspired” but I see those word often packed with meaning not found in the text itself… so when you find an original text we can talk further on infallibility, you might then have a strong case). He then went into strange rants about what I believe (though he was not even close) as well as telling me I must believe the bible is all Truth! Ummm… I pointed out that Satan is quoted in the Bible and his words are lies, not truth… yet sadly it just turned uglier and uglier… to the point he told me to “F*** off”. Well, I hope he is content… still sad to lose a friend I respected and loved over the years. It seemed that he went full circle in his fundamentalism mindset though. I know that Atheists bristle at the idea of being called a fundy, but you are… you have a belief system which is a “religion” of sorts… Believe me I knew guys whose religion is Harley Davidson so don’t tell me atheism is not a religion. You worship science, and your own knowledge… you worship self ego etc… etc… etc… If I turned atheist I would worship peanut butter and fishing… A friend pointed out this site I think expresses my thoughts in a humorous way about atheistic fundamentalist… check it out. Personally, the one big reason (besides not being able to deny that Jesus entered my life as He did) that I would never become an atheist or agnostic, is the ones I run into are just plain mean people. (Just watch the comments over that one!) BTW, I believe that this person worshiped the bible and Jesus wanted to break him of his idolatry… of course if he ever reads this he will blow a gasket (though he is never angry… haha!)
I also have been doing fund raising for different ministries in Africa and soon India… you have read a few past posts on this so I will not say much more other than I hope to move forward to start a non-profit organization soon that helps out small ministries that God seems to be bringing to me. 
Well, that is about it for now. I hope to get back teaching on my blog soon… so beware!


  1. "Brandon was present for the picture while Ken was sitting in his evil lair thinking of new things to make up."O very nice; I feel the love, thanks for showing me the better way Carlos.By the way, probably not a good idea to butt into something that didn't involve you.I didn't make up anything; 1) I personally spoke with Chris Rosebrough before I wrote the post, and 2) he discussed this on his show yesterday.He called them "heretics" and said he did not consider them as being in Christ. My post stands, and you need to repent.

  2. I decided to re-post the comment to Ken Silva… Ken,We all need to repent… even you… I boldly go before the Throne of Grace and sit on our Daddy's lap daily come join me!… You see, unlike you, Jesus has no condemnation for me… or others…Oh wait, you would have to read and understand the bible to get that last statement. Peace!

  3. "By the way, probably not a good idea to butt into something that didn't involve you."I hate to overstate the obvious, but… you weren't exactly there either, Ken. How is your 2nd hand account any different than Iggy's? Why are you right and Iggy wrong?"He called them "heretics" and said he did not consider them as being in Christ. My post stands, and you need to repent."Again.. What makes Chris (or you) right about this? It's simply your opinion, which is vastly different than that of those in the picture and of the people with whom you regularly take 'the better way'.Why does Iggy need to repent and you somehow free from repentance in this matter?

  4. Hi, Iggy, how's come you deleted Rambling Taoist?He's a pretty good guy, very chill.

  5. Grace,He was being accusatory and began attacking me, he and I had some words and I felt it best for both of us to remove them.He claimed I accused Ken Silva of not reading the bible, but as I pointed out privately, I stated that Ken cannot read and understand the bible… there is a difference. Rambling as it were, could not comprehend the difference. He began attacking and judging me as a person, though he may deny that… It may be he is a nice guy most the time. I found him rather abrasive… Either way, I felt it not conducive to a real discussion… so deleted the comments. I rarely do this and do so in extreme cases.

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