Bringing people together… yep that’s what I do! Frank Viola meets Jon Cardwell

June 21, 2010

I while back I was point to a “friend” who did a critique on The Jesus Manifesto by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola. I thought that the friend was not totally fair in his critique as it was more about “believism” as Frank and Leonard were not phrasing things EXACTLY as this fellow (and his friends) want things phrased.
Frank was very gracious in all this as I express my own frustration to the “friend”…
Anyway, I introduced the two via Facebook.com and this is the result.
From Frank Viola’s blog:
“This blog post will feature two responses. The first is a response to a critique that Jon Cardwell wrote on my new book Jesus Manifesto before it released. I was monumentally impressed with Jon when he personally reached out to me and invited me to respond to his critique. He was both gracious and up-standing to do so.
I accepted his invitation and responded. Jon kept his word and posted my response on his blog, Justified by Grace, as a “guest blog post” the second he said he would. Jon and I have had very friendly interchanges since then. He told me that he was very happy with my response, which I found encouraging.
Back to that in a minute.” Click here to read more.


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