Brian McLaren: the pain of division over gay issues

January 20, 2010




  1. Brian, I heard your video tape to-night.. thank you for talking about the issue of acceptance…. I have a gay nephew who's been with his partner for 20 odd years… I have a gay, Bipolar young friend,such a musically talented young man and I have shared their pain and their struggle.. but mostly I am touched by what you said because I have needed acceptance so badly myself at different times in my life and it hurts Jesus IN me to see all the divisions for one reason or another.. my prayer is that Father will give christians everywhere this heart of acceptance for the differences in each other and this agape love of God to all within their reach.. God bless Lyn Myers. P.S. I saw your video because I am a friend of Chris Welch on FB.

  2. lyn,I appreciate you words. BTW I am not Brian, but I am thinking of passing this along to him. I think many of us that understand "Christ in me" and about being "In Christ" see the world in a much different way than many others. God gives us grace and in that opens our eyes… and we see and hear what many do not. I wanted acceptance in my own life… and struggled for years wondering if God truly accepted me. When I began to trust that God did accept me, things changed. I changed… I may still have much of the same baggage in my life, but I am not walking around feeling condemned by God. Oh, and Chris Welch is a great guy!

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