November 17th World Prayer for Uganda

November 14, 2009
I recieved this on Facebook.com and thought I would pass it along.
Hello Everyone,
Thank you all for continuing to spread the message that regardless of one’s theological belief system, this legislation is wrong. Dr. Warren Throckmorton and I (Andrew Marin – author of Love is an Orientation) are assembling a day of prayer.
Dr. Throckmorton and I know that there are many of you in this group who are not religious, and we are not asking you to do something you are not comfortable with. But for those who do have a faith tradition we ask that on Tuesday November 17th, you take at least 30 minutes to pray for the following:
1. That this legislation be thrown out
2. For protection and peace for our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters living in this oppression in Uganda and around the world
3. That the Ugandan Church realize this legislation is not morally or Scripturally correct – as there has been disturbing news recently coming from some of my contacts in Uganda and Parliment that the Ugandan Church is starting to make official statements in favor of this bill. I will be posting those as soon as they are official.
The world will feel this impact! I know that on the evening of November 17th I have a large group gathering in Chicago that will be focusing our time in prayer for the aformentioned three requests. This Facebook group has members located all over the world, and we have a unique opportunity to gather throughout the globe to lift these injustices to our Creator to make a divine impact. If your belief urges you to do so, please join us in this day of prayer. Thank you.
Much love,
Andrew Marin
Dr. Warren Throckmorton
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