Conversations between liberals and conservatives

October 2, 2009
This is how many conversations between liberals and conservatives seem to go. It seems also that often in discussion forums this is how it goes when discussing faith… or rather their doctrines. = )



  1. This cartoon absolutely wrong … as one representing the conservative side, I would have saved the troop card for later, I would have first focused on the blindfold the liberal was wearing.


  2. Rick,

    Politics aside, I was more interested in the type of conversation that seemed to lack communication. Sort of like talking to Frank Turk, Phil Johnson or Ken Silva… and on and on…

    It is as if they are having total other conversation that you are not part of. LOL!

    = )

  3. rick, its not a blindfold, its a type of snow google the inuits used to prevent snow blindness. Its carved from caribou antlers. A small slit lets in just a little light.

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