What I think of Right Wing (and Left Wing) talk show hosts.

September 18, 2009
The issue to me about talk show hosts is when one bends the truth they bend their credibilty. So what if he is 95% right when the 5% is made up of lies? Does it make them less a liar. Most often they do not admit they lied or were mistaken. How refreshing it would be to hear Rush or Beck or someone say, “oops I made a mistake… I was wrong on this one.” It would get my attention. But most often the focus is how “right” they are… yet, the bible states clearly, “No one is righteous…” or as I say it, “no one is right.” The only Righteous (Right) one is Jesus… the rest of us are all flawed people who do and say stupid things. We need to seek out solutions and not continue in creating further polarization. Jesus called us to the ministry of reconciliation no the minsitry of division. Don’t get pulled into this worlds system… seek to find what God has for each of us to do and go out and love others as we are commanded to do.


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