How do you even respond to outright liars and… well… idiots?

July 6, 2009

I mean this as loving as I can… I mean she is what she is and I guess being a liar and… well… an idiot is fine with her… really it is sad someone claims Jesus and stoops to this worlds methods of trying to harm someone else… I introduce, Discerning the World…

Funny who she left out on my blog roll… but then if any even takes a minute to read her site and then interact with her… will come away knowing she is most probably mentally ill.
But I do thank her for the free promotion… I am sure anyone that goes to her site will check my sites out and see that she is in fact an idiot. Can’t turn down free advertising. Now, I know someone is out there thinking, “iggy you are not being very Graceful toward Deborah…”Well I am… After all she is trashing all my friends… as to why? Only that she hates me for some reason.
Deborah, hate is not a Christian virtue…
Pray for her… she really needs it. Yes, that is what we do for idiots… pray for them.. and love them in spite of the damage they do to themselves and others.

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  1. see … you thought the emerging thing was about grace … turns out your after one world religion …


  2. oh crud … i wrote "your" rather than "you're" … now i'm an idiot too …


  3. yeah, but I wasn't going to say anything… did you notice you are mentioned as one of my "hate" influencer? I read your blog and get filled with hate and then write mine…

    It is your fault!

  4. i guess i'm double evil … calvimergent?

  5. As someone once said, there's no such thing as bad publicity.

  6. Well I tried to leave a comment over there but……..I was deleted.

    That made me feel good 🙂

  7. She deleted my comments also… which was basically:

    Thanks for promoting my sites…

    I really think she is mentally ill…

    And Bruce… what is with the "agnostic" title in your name… should we talk or something?

    = /

    love ya man.

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