Bare butts over your church? What would you do?

June 27, 2009

Pastor Neil Rhodes in New York does not like big butts (no, this doesn’t have anything to do with Sir Mix-a-Lot).
On July 1st, bathroom fixture manufacturer Toto planned to begin advertising their Washlet bidet-toilet seat via billboards on two sides of the building at 51st Street and Broadway. The ads feature bare butts with smiley faces on them (see pic).
The problem however is that this building houses the Times Square Church where Pastor Rhodes ministers. He complained about the booty billboards, and on Monday a judge ordered a temporary restraining order keeping them from going up. What’s more, the Times Square Church had to post a $90,000 bond that will be paid to Toto for damages if it’s found that the church is not entitled to an injunction.
To read the full post by Erik of Steve Brown Etc click here.

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  1. interesting … since this isn't happening to us it's easy to play armchair quarterback but i think would have just used this situation as a teaching point rather than a confrontation …

  2. What was interesting was the cities response. It seemed to be way overboard compared to the request that the billboard be taken down.

    I would think though at the church I attend it would be offensive to some, yet we would see it in good humor and be creative about dealing with it without defacing it. Humor is missing from many churches out there.

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