Barefoot Sunday

June 12, 2009

Last Sunday we held Barefoot Sunday to help collect shoes and funds for Afayo Foundation Uganda. We collected enough shoes and also some clothing that will be sent and also some funds that will be needed to ship. Yet, we still will need a few more funds to help with shipping. Prayerfully consider if you can be a part in this. If there is any extra funds that we receive we will send that to the Afayo Foundation. The picture above is a young man who I understand to have never owned shoes before. If you look closely the sandals he is wearing do not even match.

The next picture is another young man who did not even know how to put on socks, yet was proud of his new socks and shoe and was excited to wear them to church. An Afrikaan friend of mine that goes to my church made a statement to me that sort of startled me. She stated, “In some parts of Africa, shoes are not an option.”
The last picture is a shoe that I understand many do wear. Please help us give these children an option.

Contact me if you want to be part of this outreach.

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  1. wow, brillent….Afayo Foundation doing good…..

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