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May 15, 2009

Michal Frost and Alan Hirsch are a great team. ReJesus is a provocative look at how we are doing church now and how we should look at church as we move into this new era. Though I will not say they present anything “new” I will say they unpack many things that others have presented before them very well. This is not about changing Jesus to fit our views, but about changing our views, and recaptureing a high Christology that will refocus us to drive a missional church.

Andy Crouch is a deep writer. Be warned Culture Making is not light reading. Is culture something we need to fight against, or do we need to realize culture is inate to humankind. Andy Crouch builds a great foudnation to show that we are to make culture and explores what this means a Christians.

Every year I try to re-read Classic Christianity. Bob George unpacks Grace in a very down to earth manner. This book had a profound impact on my faith and in helping me find acceptance from God.

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