A Cry in the wilderness….

April 21, 2009

A Cry in the wilderness….

A depression embraces you like a warm blanket keeping out the cold of the world you fear.

As we drink from the swill of life hoping it will keep you refreshed only to find our tongue is as dry as the desert air.

Despair curls up in your lap like a cat giving comfort, only to steal your life’s breath away as you sleep…

Left bleeding by the side of the rode as those who are called to love you walks by…

Redemption draws near, as your bones crumble to dust only to sneer and jeer at your pain.

Is it really redemption for you who suffer or those who should care and don’t?

Does forgiveness rise in the horizon only to become a mirage?

Do our cries go unheard because we refuse to hear or do we fear we are so close to being like the people we are called to love?

We take in our pets and love them as children, yet let children starve and die.

We buy our desires and love our own riches yet others only desire their basic needs met.

We are taught to fish and should teach others, yet draw out nets to feed only those who can pay.

We meet those who greet us as brothers and tell them to go away.

We chew on the bones of innocence and call it freedom.

We grab freedom for some and choke the life out of others so we can watch reality TV.

We choke on our own fear of losing our soul, yet reject redemption so near.

When is a song not a song and a poem not a poem?

What if our meter is lost and our rhymes do not rhyme?

When does communion with God become a sick joke to some?

When does the Truth become a lie to harm others?

How long do we sing this song, when there are no words but groans?

How long do we let suffering win and let hate be the victor?

I am not sure if those who claim to know… know…

I am not sure those who claim to love… love…

I am not sure that those who claim salvation have yet saved themselves…

I am sure of my faults, my sin, my unbelief… Lord, help me in my unbelief.

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