And now a word from Tim Challies

April 7, 2009

I thought this article was excellent… and what I found actually funny is that SoL, CRN (Ken Silva) are all feather ruffled over it and Tim Challies never mentioned their names… funny they know who they are… but can’t admit the harm they do. Of course Ken uses this as a chance to bash Richard Abanes, and Ingrid complains about her comment not appearing on Tim’s blog… really that one makes me laugh as back in the day I was banned from comments on Slice… then they stopped allowing comments as Ingrid just could not bear all the “hate”…

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  1. Iggy – I’ve stayed away from both sides … the watch blogs and the watch blog watchers … as I read the comments to the linked post it was interesting to see that many of the names are still the same and so are the attitudes. Clearly not much redemption has taken place on either side … I’m sure there are exceptions but the consistency was deafening …

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