Saint or sinner, but always The Outlaw

April 4, 2009

There is a new movie out about the life of Larry Norman. Larry’s music was a main reason I came to know Jesus. No doubt he was controversial on many levels… and in some ways his life was… a mess. Personal health issues and some unethical business situations… as well as other rumors surrounded Larry. All that said, Larry will always be dear to my heart. God used Larry Norman in spite of the mess that was. This movie covers the man, the legend, the weak and the strong… For more info here is the link to the movie Fallen Angel.

Here is Larry doing The Outlaw.

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  1. Hey, Iggy! You’re on a roll with me today! First, Joe Satriani, and now, Larry Norman. Larry was instrumental to my walk with Jesus in the early years and was a big influence musically. I was saddened by his death but I’m eternally grateful for his influence on my spiritual formation. Thanks! (What’s next? Something about Stonehill, maybe?)

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