Are the "new" Online Discernment Ministries more like the cults?

March 21, 2009

I made an observation a while back in 2007 that some ODM’s seem more cultish and at least may have many of the warning signs of danger. I went against my “rule” to not delete things on this blog and had deleted a few things in the name of peace in hopes some would seek peace also. Yet the post in “sorts” is still available at CRN.info. In a way I meant it as a joke, yet still was shocked to see the list from Cultintervention.com seemed spot on concerning Ken Silva at least.

The observation was that Ken Silva met 9 out of 10 of these warning signs.

Somehow in all this mess I have become friends with Richard Abanes (don’t blame him!) who I see is a very fair and balanced writer when it comes to apologetics. He has a post that I think is a must read and also gives great insight into what I observed in 2007.

I see more an more the ODM are on a dangerous slide into cultism and apostasy… in their zeal to preserve and protect God and His Truth (Which if you think about it is anti-biblical as God and His Truth protect us.) I also recommend Richard’s other post he cites in his post.

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  1. I think it is worth while further exploring this. I think there is much to be said.

    I think that you can deliver this in a way that I think many readers could be help by such insight.

    I hope to address this later on in the year!

    PS keep up the great work

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