What did you do today? This is what I did…

March 2, 2009


  1. Hot baby Hot.

    When I shave my head my wife says I look like a bar bouncer.

    You are tempting me to get out the clippers 🙂


  2. I commend you, my man! I shaved my head a few years back and been thinking about doing it again. On the spiritual side, Psalm 68 says that God will “crush the hairy crown of His enemies”, so you’ve just made sure that God recognizes you as one of His own!

  3. Now that’s my kind of haircut. I haven’t shaved mine in a while but it’s starting to get fuzzy again.

    What I have found interesting is how many men comment to me that they wished they had the nerve to shave their head.

    Looking good!

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