February 24, 2009

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  1. Thanks for the video! The Rwandan genocide is very meaningful for me. Our church has oversight over the entire continent of Africa. God is doing a great work there, but the reality of that event still lingers.

  2. iggy, sorry to see you have withdrawn your blog following status. I have certainly appreciated your last posts…i have had real problems with downloads recently so have not been able to see this one yet.

    One of Peter Stott’s messages last year at the Conference was a big message…and I want to do it justice by transcribing it all…but I’m a bit slow at this and it is taking an age…in between a very rocky time in our piano biz over here.
    The unfortunate thing is that the last blogpost has been given undue
    prominence…kind of stuck in a groove. Please bear with the blog..because the next issues very much concern the nature of this “emerging church” that we all find ourselves trying to get to grips with.
    I’ve had my record input seen to so I think I might be able to transfer the last remaining version of Hitchhiker III from tape cassette.
    Love and regards. love your heart.

  3. Chris,

    I am not sure what is ahppening to the blog following app. I still have you as one I follow…

  4. ohhh. Must be something to do with the change of format they seem to have imposed…unless it’s me pressing a wrong button or something. Do you do Blog following on your site?

  5. Chris,

    I do not use the blogger template though I guess someday I should convert so I can use the tools available. I am still old school in the sense I use a custom older style blogger template, so I have to manually go in and do the blog roll. I do need to update it as some of the blogs are no more or they have new sites… and I have a bunch of new ones I need to add… like yours if I haven’t already…

    So my blogger “following” is only in my dashboard as of now.

    I do hope to update some things as I have time.. but the idea of going through the blog roll and then entering each one manually into the new blogger app sounds like it would take some time to do… and I just don’t feel up to it yet. 🙂

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