What I think about when I listen to Way of the Master Radio

January 29, 2009


  1. AMEN!

  2. I didn’t get it. What are these deeper things which the late Way of the Master Radio show didn’t get to? From my listening to the show from its inception, it covers matters of theology, Christian living and even sometimes that useless thing called politics.

  3. BFK,

    I can understand you might get something out of TF… but as I listen I hear nothing but judgementalistic, condemnation, which is uninformed on the major points let alone the minor. I have heard them take peoples words totally out of context and create new contexts to show them as wrong or heretical… and often I hear Todd say things that indicate that he may not even have a grasp at his own Calvinist theology…

    The saddest thing is his arrogance and lack of respect for some of his guests…

    Now though the worst thing is that he is trying ot entertain on the level of the world and as he does often show little grace to those who need it let alone act as one that believes in the Doctrines of Grace.

    But other than that I have no issue with him.

    = ) iggy

  4. The sad thing is, Iggy, is that for all your defense of Rob Bell, accusing those who disagree with Bell and believe he is a universalist etc. (like me) you accuse us of hating a Christian brother..

    And now you do the very same thing with this post!

    Did you know the Missy up in Glasgow who died?

  5. PB,

    The big difference is that I an just saying do listen to him… there is no substance… I
    While you are advocating book burnings and lying about what Bell and others state….

    The big difference is that I do not hate nor lie about Todd Friel as you and your buddies do about everyone else. I am not saying he is or said something he has not… I am saying I feel more stupid after listening to him than when I don’t. I feel that way about Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh also.. and I do not hate either of them.

    I am telling people to stay away from divisive people like TF.

    This post is not about hating TF personally… it is just my opinion and how I feel when I have listened to him.

    I tried to remember Missy and may have known her… She was related to Kim (Durbin)Rudloff but other than that it has been so long I just don’t remember who she was.


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