My thoughts on global warming

January 7, 2009

Coming out of -40 degree windchill factor week I am not so sure that there is global warming… I know some will say that this proves it, yet I am not convinced that if there is global warming that it is man made or can be blamed on cattle and sheep.

OK… this is how silly this all is… Some are actually suggesting taxing farmers if they have over 100 cattle or sheep because they fart… errr I mean their flatulence add to global warming. How stupid is all this getting? And BTW I do mean the cows not the farmers though I am sure they do also.

Actually the Global Warming is soooooo yesterday…. now many scientist believe we are entering an ice age.
Back in the 70’s they stated we were going into an ice age and if one looks at the record lows since August the trend is lower than normal temps.
I believe the earth has cycles… dry years/ wet years… warm years/cold years…. I think that most of the hubbub about losing the arctic ice is the fault of volcanic activity and has nothing to do with man…
It seems Yellowstone Park is getting ready to give a big belch soon… is that man’s fault? Are cows farting man’s fault… I mean back over 150 years ago they did not filter any smoke and millions of buffalo farted all across the plains for hundreds of years if not thousands… I guess later that caused the Dust bowl and great depression and the stock market crash years later… and it was all man’s fault for letting buffalo’s fart….
The only real change man was doing to the atmosphere was that we thinned the ozone layer back in the 80’s and 90’s… I know that was true as that was the age of Hair Bands… Since Grunge came about, it killed the whole hair spray image and now the ozone layer is said to be fine…
Hair Bands… are evil… and not green…. Cow farts are natural and farmers should not be taxed $175 per cow.
I say with all the money Al Gore must have made as he “invented the Internet” we should tax Al Gore for all his farts and every time he expels a breath (like when he talks) and we could fix the deficit and global warming at the same time.

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  1. Perfect Iggy! Funny stuff.

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