Joe Satriani is suing Coldplay… what do you think?

December 5, 2008

Thanks to Worship Trench blog for sharing this. If Coldplay did not rip off Joe Satriani then this is a huge coincidence. It is also a very cool video… maybe they should collaborate?


  1. Given Satch’s god-like status and Coldplay’s not … yep, they ripped him and it was heresy to overlay the two.

  2. I never really have gotten into Coldplay… but have always loved Joe.

    Really it sounds kind of cool and if Joe played on the song I would probably by the song… LOL!

    For some reason Coldplay “version” is so sing songy while Joe rocks!


  3. Perhaps Joe is going to sue Creaky Boards too since at first it looked as if they might sue Coldplay for the same violation (you can see that rip at http://www.worshiptrench.com/?p=404 , an issue emerging last june).

  4. I found you last week on Google via the Yes I AM post you did.

    Double checking your site I noticed this Yes I am link is now dead. It’s an old post so probably does not matter. But someone this week alerted me to another site you may or may not know of that has the complete book

    Norman mentions Union Life in some of his books…though he went on to move with Zerubbabel.

    I’d sure like to bounce off you about some things that you have found

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