I should be offended but it is so funny! LOL!

November 26, 2008

Andrew Jones (the long lost brother of Tony Jones) posted this hillarious video from the “enemy” as he put it… It is actually well done.


  1. its hilarious.

    hey – happy birthday Iggy you montana mountain man!

  2. Thanks Andrew! And thanks for finding the video… hi-freaken-larious!

  3. I had the same first impression…should I be offended or laugh? I chose the latter. ha.

  4. I’m sorry I’m breaking in out of nowhere…and cannot in anyway comment on today’s post, not knowing the framework for the spoof.
    I’ve been really struck by Norman Grubb’s stuff, especially “Yes I am” since I met their group Zerubbabel in 1988 and 1989. For 20 years it has not been possible to share much…but I did notice a seismic shift seemed to be occurring.2008 being the year of the gate.
    I began talking about the 3rd Level – roughly similar to chapter 31 of Yes I am , first on Dan Bowen’s blog (Life on Wings) in the sidelines then after their encouragement and for greater concentration I launched my own in August http://080808onnowto.blogspot.com/.
    Today I thought I’d do a blog search on Norman and your site came up.(google) Incidentally you’ll find the odd critique of John Macarthur on Dan’s site too.

    Friday’s post was actually chapter25 of Yes I am. You’ll find that the fellowbloggers listed on my site which I’ve sort of hinged to…while they may not get all I’m saying, have been very warm and encouraging…and have so far allowed my existence in their corner of the blogosphere. I have found my interaction with them a sharpening experience. I had no idea of the prevalence of a practically Grace only message. if you understand Norman, you will ofcourse see I’m not saying that it should be any different…just that the “me” talked about by most Christians is still the Genesis 3:5 “independent me” from whence all problems arise…grace or no grace.

    Would love your feedback

    I get the impression that you too are sort of perched in a Vineyard position, even though not all would understand what you are going on about yet. I find myself perched in a similar great set up, hoping that I make headway before being chucked out for supposed heresy.

  5. That was a hilarious video….

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