Door to door atheists

November 14, 2008
Before you push play be warned of strong language. You have been warned! Again if you truly dislike swearing, do not push play and most of all do not tell me later how offended you were… I mean take some responsibility for your own actions! Sheesh! And pleeeeease don’t accuse me of bashing “just” Mormons… I mean good grief I think this atheist has a huge point.



  1. Give him an English accent and change it to Jehovah’s Witnesses and I am with him all the way!

  2. A Mending Shift

    Iggy, I am so offended and hurt that you made me watch that video. I am hurt that you polluted my ears with that filthy, vulgar language when I chose to visit your blog. To top it off, I am deeply resentful and full of vengeance that, because I chose to RSS your blog, you would dare be so irresponsible to my eyes. I hold you completely and utterly responsible for the feelings of disgust I feel right now. 😉

    There, now that I got that off my chest, you’re right, it made a good point.

    (by the way, in case you didn’t pick up on the oozing sarcasm of the first paragraph, I was being facetious and tongue-in-cheek. I also hate it when people choose to read my blog and then get upset at me–as if I made them read it)

  3. Friggin’ hilarious!

    dave at http://www.lifewalk.info

  4. When I saw this video I laughed so much as I remember one Christmas morning just about 11am, a couple of JW’s knocked on our door. I guess they felt that because they could not celebrate Christmas, they needed to ruin ours. Looking back I wonder what would have happened if we let them in and gave them gifts and fed them some of our Christmas dinner… hmmm maybe next time! = )

  5. DP,

    I thought he had an English accent! See what I know? LOL!

  6. Jeromy,

    I agree, there are some people that offend me by reading my blog!

    Thankfully you are not one of them! 😉

  7. Amazing. And here’s the irony lost on the atheist – on the rare occasions he was able to get his message out, what was it? That nothing really matters. How could he not see the futility of his own efforts to poke fun at others. The comedy he missed is that he really has no message to spread.

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