Derek Webb’s solution to your voting dilemma

November 4, 2008

I thought this was interesting… just passing it on.


  1. Derek Webb is right on the money.

    I vote. I have always voted.

    But, I also understand why some don’t vote.
    I have been there, where I thought, It doesn’t matter. No matter who we vote in we get the same government.

    Is change possible? I think people are banking on it with Obama. If change doesn’t happen I think there will be millions of people in 2012 who just say “no.”


  2. Bruce,

    I am going to vote just because I have the privilege to do so… yet I also sometimes wonder that if God truly does pick the rulers of the land if my vote really matters… good or bad the ruler will be Who God sees fit.

    And who would of thought we would be talking about 2012 already! LOL!


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