September 16, 2008

Some of you may already know I was laid off my job at the Billings Gazette. Apparently I was one of nine… with about 20 total with Lee Enterprises. I feel a bit relieved as the job was a real pain sometimes. Yet, I still need an income.
I am not destitute… yet… :wink:… I think we can make it a while.
This does make one look at things. Changes can be really scary. Not knowing where your paycheck will come from tomorrow has its own special joy. Over all I know God is in control.
Now, this may seem strange to some, but God let me know that “big changes” were coming. I already had some big changes at work and thought maybe those were the changes… yet, I was a bit surprised by the Big Change of being laid off. Again, God is in control and is my provider and has been faithful in the past many times.
Meanwhile, I am still in school and still at the Billings Vineyard Church. In fact this has opened opportunity to do more things of God. For instance, this Thursday I hope to meet with a couple of guy in Bozeman MT to talk to them about their starting an “emerging” ministry. I also hope that God will supply in a way that will allow me to pursue ministry full time.
I appreciate all of your prayers…
Be blessed,


  1. thanks for letting us know – definitely will pray.


  2. A difficult time for you and your family. Prayers for a resolution and for a learning experience through trial.

  3. I’ll be praying Iggy.

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