More on Alice and The Travel Channels the upcoming No Reservations show

August 2, 2008
Since they contacted me to help promote this I guess it is alright to just let you read the email. I removed some of the contact info as I am not sure this person would want that here. It was a bit funny to open the email and read… it was about the recent Alice Cooper post I had done.

I am working with the Travel Channel’s online team and we noticed that you recently blogged about Alice Cooper, or well posted his tune I guess. I have been reaching out to influential bloggers about the new episodes of No Reservations, which air on Mondays. I thought that you and Emerging Thought in Montana readers would enjoy the inside information, since Alice will be featured in the episode.

The upcoming No Reservations episode, which airs this Monday (August 4) at 10pm EST, features Anthony traveling through the US Southwest. His old fashion road trip features California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. Tony enjoys local food, his need for speed and some words with Alice Cooper and Ted Nugent.

Here’s a link to the promo video:

Tony and Ted Nugent on obesity:

Alice Cooper and Tony talk baseball:

Anthony has already posted about the trip: http://anthony-bourdain-blog.travelchannel.com/

Hope the day is going well,
Emma Sefton
Room 214, Inc. on behalf of the Travel Channel

Well I did my part… She went on to say a bit more, but it was about getting updates on a regular basis. Not sure if I want that, but then who knows. Just thought it was a bit fun to share this with my readers.

Be blessed,

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