Apprising ministries. org is gone… for now. Update

July 27, 2008

Update: Apparently this was a publicity stunt. Ken is back. Here is more info at CRNinfo

I don’t care if Ken has a website, I do care that he is slandering his brothers and sisters in Christ and desires to harm others.
I know he does not see he is doing this, yet, if he did not think that he was not guilty at all, I think his site would still be up. Yet, it seems that most of the ODM’s miss that by the worlds standards (which I see as much lower than God’s) it was seen that his site was libel and was after all slanderous.
I do feel bad for Ken that he has to close up shop, yet I hope that when he does come back he will revamp his ministry to be a ministry and not an assassin blog. I also hope that when he comes back he can be an edifier of the Body.
Ken, if you read this, my prayers for God’s best are always with you. My hope is that you grow in grace from this experience.
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