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May 31, 2008

I have signed up to continue (feeling more like just starting) my psychology degree. It will only be my associates degree.

I am doing it online through University if Phoenix… at least until I get the associates.

It has been one of those weeks. TES, my wife was laid off her job at the Newspaper. They offered her severance pay or that she could take a different opening at the paper… They thought she would take the other position and pretty much planned it that way, but God had other ideas! LOL!

Just a couple of days before this TES went to an interview at St Vincent’s Hospital and they offered her the job the day she was given the choice at the newspaper… when she told them she already had another job and would take the severance pay, they were shocked. I think they thought she would be desperate and take the other position and they could also have her still around to train her “boss”. He seemed to freak out a bit that day.

I am still there (for now) so it will be interesting who it all plays out.

It all sort of reminded me of Survivor in how one person is so confident they are in control and then find they are voted off the island! God is good. TES will have about the same benefits but better pay. = )

All this though made me realize that I need to do something more. With that I decided to go back to college.

If you are squeamish you may not want to read further.

The other thing that happened this week was that as I was showering I found a golf ball sized bump under my left arm! FREAKED ME OUT!!!!

It seems it was a cyst as there was drained a whole bunch of yucky pus and stuff out. It seemed to drain for two days! As i was working I just felt gross… nauseous and some muscle pains in my left arm and across my chest…

Yes it sounds like a heart attack but I didn’t seem to be hurting or having trouble thinking or any other symptoms. Yet, it was enough to get me to see a Dr.

Introducing Dr. Doom….

I went to Same Day Care where I go for things like colds and such. (Really I don’t know where the St. V’s equivalent is so I just go where I know.) Dr. Doom entered and as I told him my story, in a straight faced and most unemotional way, stated, “I should have you go in to get an EKG and other tests.” I stated that I just thought it was more likely it was that the “junk” from the cyst was just getting into my system and that I probably need antibiotics.

He then stated “Have you ever had a heart attack before? So, how would you know if you were having one?” I wished now I thought to ask him if he had one before so he could tell me what it was like or not!… but I was so shocked at this doom and gloom Dr statements to me, as he went on to say, “Most people do not survive their first heart attack, and becuase of you high cholesterol, uncontrolled diabetes and… you are a perfect candidate for a heart attack.” Mind you no emotion, compassion, just dead pan straight faced as he looked at me.

He preceded to them prescribe antibiotics because I am diabetic.

Now, mind you he is right. I have some serious health issues that need addressed, but this reminded me of when I am dialoguing with some Discern-mentalist who seems more concerned about being “right” than for me as a person. I honestly felt like if I did die, he would just go, “See, I was right, I told him so…” as if being right was the most important thing.

I will be contacting my Dr to do some heart checks. He has not seemed worried in that department, but I think it may be a good thing to do anyway… for my kids and wife cuz I love them…



  1. “I have signed up to continue (feeling more like just starting) my psychology degree.”

    I just wonder if you have an advantage because a test case subject is always with you?

  2. I thought I was in control when I started ministry training. How wrong I was!!!

  3. I trust you are doing well, Iggy. Take care of yourself.

    Thinking about you……


  4. So, are you feeling better now? It sounds very unpleasant. Straight talking from the doctor usually has the desired effect. What are you doing differently?

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