A funny and strange dream…

May 26, 2008

Just woke from a funny and strange dream.

I was on a tour bus with Doug Pagitt, Tony Jones, Andrew Jones and a couple of other guys going to a conference of some sort. I realized I was the only one that did not have a laptop! I was very concerned over this so called Bob Hyatt for advise. He told me to just buy a pen and paper notebook. Bob is very smart! LOL!

I just woke up laughing over it! It was pretty absurd.



  1. 99% of my dreams are meaningless. The 1% led me to theological college!

  2. I have interpreted dreams for people… yet I think this one was just funny…

    I left out that I also was stressing out that if I bought a laptop, it would not be a Mac and everyone else had a Mac. LOL!


  3. i’m impressed

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