What day is it anyway?

May 20, 2008

I am a bit in a tizzy as all the things happening in the last few weeks.
1. Mom went in for routine knee replacement and did both knees. One became infected so they needed to open it up again and remove the infection. They placed antibiotic “pearls” in for couple of days and then went in and removed them. Apparently someone neglected to tell me that these “pearls” were so potent that if one broke and got into her blood stream she would die instantly…. maybe it was good I did not know! She is doing better though it sound like she will need antibiotics for the rest of her life. She is doing well so far and has been up walking a bit.
2. Work has been hard. I was informed that there was a hire freeze. That pretty much cheesed me off… (Oh Brother Lawrence where are you!) They held a meeting and then let me know I could hire people after all. I have been working 6 -7 days a week and it is getting old as it has gone on since November.
3. I did a test where they hooked up a meter to me for 72 hours to track my blood sugars. I lasted 48 and just could not handle having a needle in my side. It was most likely bad placement as when I sat in a car seat the concave of the seat would, the seat would hit it. As I jumped in and out of the truck at work I would feel like I was going to pass out as the pain shot across my back. After about 48 hours I told TES to get it out of me as I was in tears from the pain. I felt sooooooooooo much better after it was out. They want me to try it again next week! LOL!
4. I thought I was going to get a 4 day week… not consequetively but at least on paper I saw I had 3 days off… well someone told me they were not able to help as they were already scheduled and a driver lost a relative in a car accident last night so I went in. Please prayer for her. I am not sure how this week will go now so also please pray for me.
5. I am also trying to get ready for the start of Kinship Groups (Vineyard’s name for small groups). I am going to go through the book by Brother Lawrence called Practice of the Presence of God: The Best Rule of Holy Life. I already had someone on the leadership team comment (jokingly) about me teaching RCC stuff. Yet, I see that John Wesley and A. W. Tozer both recommended him. Yet, Lighthouse Trails who thinks everyone is a heretic/apostate thinks that he is just a dangerous contemplative mystic. (Funny that they have no issue with quoting Tozer (PDF) yet still condemns who Tozer recommended! Really makes me wonder….) = )


  1. And in my spare time I will…….

  2. So I suppose you have no time to argue about doctrine? 🙂

    I trust you’ll find some rest in the midst of your hectic life. Sometimes we can’t avoid times like you are having. Just shows up. Deal with it.

    I know it is an old adage………but sometimes when it rains it does pour.

    I hope your Mom will be OK. Had a former church member go through a similar problem/treatment. Shut down his kidneys. Fortunately, after a few weeks of dialysis they started working again.Powerful antibiotics care great risk BUT without them life is over.

    Hang in there, brother.

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