Jack Chick… now in animation

May 2, 2008
I was a huge Jack Chick fan years ago, but as I grew I did not see things quite like Jack. This was pointed out by a new friend Michael Krahn. I found it compelling on many different levels. Watch it, read the write up on it then let’s talk!

Talk points.

1. Do you think the polarization of the opposing men is fair?
2. Is the Fatherhood of God brotherhood of man not in the Bible as claimed?
3. Could the presentation have been more balanced?
4. When they are in hell, what do you think of Jack Chick stating it is only “temporary?”
5. Is “judgment” only bad?

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  1. Well, speaking as someone whose default position is usually something like “That’s all we need at a time like this, a fanatic.” I find the extract too simplistic. It represents a mission paradigm I don’t subscribe to.

  2. DP,

    One one hand I agree. I have a love/hate thing with Jack Chick… mostly out of nostalgia. I would not recommend his tracts… but yet there were some things that just struck me about this presentation that sort of left the “Chick”ness out.

    I believe in God’s wrath, yet not at the expense at God’s kindness and loving Grace toward us. I am not stating all is a mushy barrel of “love”… but that in its core God loves and is compassionate.

    I see that in many of the presentations, God is calloused, distant and unloving. We are told to love God and one another and this was so downplayed that I felt that only a part of the Gospel was presented.

    In all fairness the other guy was just as unbalanced. He seemed to only see God as “loving” (which then seemed to mock God’s kindness and compassion in the end being that the one that talked of the love of God was a devil!)

    There was one point that made me laugh. I teach Hell is not eternal becuase the bible does, and some twist that to mean I am a Universalist or do not believe in wrath or judgment. I just go. “????” as I guess they have never read anything I have written. It is like saying N.T. Wright does nto believe in heaven or eternal live in the New Creation…. I have seen people who twist Wright to say there is not eternal heaven… and again… “???” is my reply.


  3. Well, yes, I see your point and am much taken, as someone still realing from the discovery that there is no theology of the fall i not being eternal.

  4. That should have been, “….no theology of the fall in genesis, in your comment on Hell not being eternal”

    Silly computer!


  5. DP,

    You drop these little tidbits that fascinate me.

    Can you unpack what you are saying about the fall?

    I have a personal view of “original sin” which is that we are born innocent, yet will turn toward sin as we are unable to sustain “good” though we can know and choose good and evil. In that we can choose to sin or not… and lose our innocence, we then must pay the wages of sin which is death.

    I ahve a hard time with the teaching of “original sin” as man being born dead. I believe a part of man is dead or rather we are only half alive at birth, but alive enough to choose.

    Now even that choice is a gift of and from God and the ability since the Holy Spirit fell on Pentecost opened all men to redemption.

    OK, but more about what you are saying on “no theology of the fall in genesis,”.

    Note I hold all that loosely as I see that in the end men sin and will die in their sin, though forgiven with out Jesus.


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