Please pray for Jon Cardwell

May 1, 2008
I have been coresponding with Jon Cardwell over the past year. He is a missionary in Alaska yet has found out he has ALS otherwise know as “Lou Gehrig’s disease”. I was saddened to hear this. ALS is a slow degenerative muscle disease so it will take some time for it to have it’s full effect on Jon. He still has needs as making a living.

I have asked people to pray over the internet a few times and have seen miracles. From the miracle of my son who was rapidly losing weight from birth and not eathing to see him begin to eat and gain strength and weight the very day many prayed, to the recent fires in Molt/Park City area in which none of my relatives property was damaged by fire. In fact one relative had the fire stop right at her property line and there seems no reason other than divine intervention.

I know God can heal people and I ask that you pray for Jon. He is currently in the lower states looking for places to preach and possibly to be the full time pastor.
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