Todd Friel: Is He For Real?

April 6, 2008

Now, it is long, but the highlights are…

1. Did he read the book… does not sound like it at all!
2. Tells us piety is wrong, then tells us that the problem is the “hypocrites” in the church.
3. Does not grasp that we are in the world and not of it…
4. Agrees then builds about 20 different straw men to make it wrong…
5. States over and over “WE need to change the people” ummm God changes people! ARRRRGH!

When he states two types of Christians… your type and our type don’t miss the irony in all that as Todd’s picture comes up… and then he begings to promote exactly what he is speaking against! LOL!

It goes on.. He talks of being anti “hypocrites” then states “WE” must change people and does not even care to see the others perspective. IF HE ACTUALLY READ THE BOOK he would have noticed the message is not changed… believe me I have read the book.

I see he is misdiagnosing the problem and then ignoring any solution except his OWN WAY… and that is that instead of trusting the Holy Spirit to change people… “WE” must change them.

Good grief… once again I understand why I do not listen to these guys. There is so much doublespeak and misinformation and… well intellectual dishonesty…

Well I did laugh a bit… And Todd, get out of that bubble. Denny’s is not all there is in culture.

Oh contrast Todd’s rant with this video…

or this one…



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