SOLA GRATIA (Grace Alone)

March 21, 2008

SOLA GRATIA (Grace Alone)

In salvation we are rescued from God’s wrath by His grace alone. It is the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit that brings us to Christ by releasing us from our bondage to sin and raising us from spiritual death to spiritual life.

We deny that salvation is in any sense a human work. Human methods, techniques or strategies by themselves cannot accomplish this transformation. Faith is not produced by our unregenerated human nature.

In this I affirm completely.
Interestingly, very few people put “Grace alone” and this verse together. James 4:6 and 1 Peter 5:5 “…”God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”
The sin of pride keeps one from receiving Grace through faith. God gives all mankind the gift of faith so that they may turn to Him and be saved. Yet, if ones heart is hardened and proud God resists that person in their attempt to do works that would save them. We owe God to great a debt to be able to pay off. The wages of sin, which is revealed by the Law, is death. But the Gift of God is Life. This Life is sustained by God’s Grace toward us. We do nothing, except in response to what God has done, accept we are dead in our sins and humbly ask for mercy and Grace. God gives grace to the humble. That is a promise.
Be blessed,
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