Mike Corley goes to Mars Hill… it was not as he was told.

December 28, 2007
Mike Corley decided to do what a real Online Discernment Ministry would do… go out and check on all the rumors.
With hit pieces like this one by Ingrid… which seemed more about her own lascivious mind than the reality of what was happening at Mars Hill. I am glad to see someone actual research instead of regurgitate the lies and slander that many others are content with spreading in their protecting of “truth”.
Now, many have written about how bad Mark Driscoll is… yet to Mike Corley’s surprise… it seemed not as he was told… surprised? Not me!
Here is Mike Corley’s surprise.
At least one ODM has actually done some research… I just hope he now realizes that some he has associated in the past with, may not have the gift of discernment they claim…
And KUDOS to you Mike!
be blessed,
Source: CRN.info


  1. Iggy,

    thanks for the post. I liked Mike’s thoughts- an honest review.

    I really enjoy Mark’s sermons on podcast. He’s a great teacher, and passionate….I don’t know all the negative talk, but what I hear I like. Thanks for the connections to Mike’s blog.

  2. That interview that Driscoll did on Corley’s program last year was really really good.

    Driscoll made the point that he has sinned frequently by going too far in trying to speak the language of his culture, but it is also a sin not to go far enough….

    I look forward to seeing their discussion this time around.

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