From Julie to Ken with Love…

December 19, 2007

From Julie to Ken with Love…

In the flare up of tempers… it seems that at least some have come to their senses… Ken has relegated all his careful so-called “research” to just “opinions” and Julie who seems to be the type of wife any many would want in their corner, has now taken the higher road.
So here is part of the letter to Ken, Ingrid and Paula…

“Dear Ken, Paula and Ingrid,Love and blessings to you. Let us today post this on your various sites, atone the hate and start the love of Christ, that we all want to emulate. let us today, start talking lovingly and respectfully and “kill the hate” between us once and for all.

What do you say?”

Read the rest here: From Julie

Oh and BTW, Ingrid is on record for apologies at times yet Ken has yet to apologize for much of anything… including his defamation of me by stating publicly I am not “saved” and teach “semi-pelagian” doctrines… (I still forgive you Ken)

Now also Tony has an article in where he states what type of people like Ken really are.

“OK, so some of you were perplexed with consternation over the dust-up with He Who Shall Not Be Named. Thanks for your concern. (No thanks to those of you who are truly mean-spirited.)As I’ve tried to explain to Julie, the people who voraciously blog against me and my friends don’t really care about “grace and peace” (though they sometimes sign off their comments that way). Instead, they fear that I am “nice-ing people right to hell.” In other words, saving people from eternal damnation is more important than manners.”

Read more here: Moving On

Tony has a new book out and as soon as I am able I will be review it for you… I have “thumbed” through it though and have had a good laugh (in a good way) as he shows what “Emergents” think about “truth” and “absolute truth”… I think I am going to like the book. = )

I came across this post which I found a bit “humorous” only that it is soooo true and that the “apprising” articles mentioned are so thinly veiled I had to laugh at it.
It is rather good though…
What Response to Slander Campaign

I had a little run in with the past as I came across the notorious “Tony Jones dropped the “f” bomb” article on CWN I had a bit of a kick at the comments section which should let everyone know how people really feel about Ken and his “ministry”. Note that this is a Ken Silva friendly organization that let’s him post his missives…

I hope Ken will start getting the message… Here are some of my favorites.

“Posted On: 08/02/07 03:26:23 PMAge 24, KS”repugnant Emergent punks”–really, Ken? You’re honestly referring to another human being in such terms, albeit a person you disagree with, rather vehemently obviously? I shudder at the hatred your posts convey. You criticize Tony Jones for cussing and you turn right around and insult him unashamedly. I wouldn’t want my pastor to cuss, but neither would I want my pastor to encourage hateful comments and hateful attitudes. Perhaps the words of the children’s song are appropriate for you, Ken–“Be careful little mouth what you say.”

“Posted On: 04/06/07 09:28:27 AMAge 40, MN Ken, I wonder if you realize that 100 years ago or 200 years ago or whenever, that even the most conservative church in America (yes yours) would be considered ‘heretical’ by the standards of the Christian community of that era. From the way you dress, the things you allow and yes, even on multiple doctrinal issues, that of course we see now as ‘non-essential’. So is it really helpful for you to continue to act as though you are the one guy and church that has it all right, that knows God’s mind perfectly? How can you be so confident? God has made Himself known, I agree, but there is mystery, we don’t have all the answers, we’re human, we CAN’T. I really can’t buy your critique here and a lot of what I see on this website. May I remind of you of one simple fact, Mr. Author? There are countless people who have come to a saving knowledge of Christ as their savior through what you have named “The Emergent Cult.” It seems to me that if you are going to keep other Christians accountable in a Biblical manner, you will do it in a way that does not discourage these young believers. You need to point out the problems you see in the Emergent set of beliefs, but you must do it in Godly love. “

“Ken Silva, it seems to me, is fiddling while Rome is burning. “

“Posted On: 04/05/07 11:17:04 PMAge 25, CA Ken Silva needs to be silenced. He is only trying to divide the christian church. Also why is he afraid of criticism, by not letting anyone post comments on his blog? Ken, please stop. You are giving “christian” and “silva” a bad name.”

Posted On: 04/02/07 02:02:16 PMAge 76123, TX Your article deeply saddens me. The hatred, the name-calling… I see and hear no Love in it. I always want to be so aware myself of Pharisee-ism, and I’m sure that you do as well. You might find it very revealing to take a more humble look at “the other side,” with no more than a desire to hear and understand. As with the Pharisees, sometimes God offends the mind to reveal the heart. Attitudes in articles like yours are one of many reasons that I have found sanctuary within the type of community you would call a cult. I do not pretend that my church seeks or follows God perfectly, but we are seeking and following Him as best we know and can. We try to show deference where there is disagreement, we try to Love as Jesus did. Our God is a Big God. He will not be confined to the pretty religious packages we would like to fashion for Him. I’m sure you are also following Him the best way that you know. If people don’t see Love in you, however, they might never believe it.

Oh, there is more of this stuff and again one can only start to realize why Ken does not allow comments on his blogs and why Ingrid heavily censored hers.
If you want to read more of these comments… which there are 20 total and 5 would be considered positive… again this is a very conservative organization…
My favorite “pro” one I think truly reflects that arrogance and insanity of those who follow men like Ken.
“Posted On: 04/03/07 06:29:07 AMAge 57, AR These responses are unreal. The guy wouldn’t have used the filthy words if he were IN Christ. When or if you were saved, did you in your quest for the truth in God’s word, cuss about it? I didn’t! God made me Holy. He wants us to live Holy lives. There appears to be allot of learned people on this page. You may be smart, but not in the knowledge of the Lord, and his ways. The only word I can think to describe what I thought when reading some of these responses, is TOLERANT.”
First off Ken would state this guy was a “semi-pelagian” for stating, “in your quest” as that would be an Arminian view and not the “approved” Reformers… Secondly, I truly wonder what this guy means by “God made me Holy.” I mean I agree, but it does not mean sin does not rise up in us once in a while… if in fact using a word created by the Puritans in a sin… Oh those evil and vile not “IN Christ” Puritans… they make me so made for giving the world that sinful word…. it makes me just want to cuss… LOL!

be blessed,
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