Oh the inhumanity of it all…

December 18, 2007
I was asked to show a picture of me as Mr. Incredible.
So here it is.
Now here is the background on this. It was 2004 and I worked as a local car dealership. Their name had “incredible” in it and the movie The Incredibles came out. So we did a promotional in which I was Mr. Incredible. I signed autographs for kids and the local theatres… I think at least 300 autograph pictures. I also did an appearance with the Power Team. No I did not tear any phone books in half! LOL!

Somewhere at one of the radio stations here in Billings, there is a picture of me flexing with the Power Team… if you know of it and can get it for me… I would like a copy.

OK, I am a bit embarrassed about the whole thing, but it was a bit fun to be a superhero for a while.

And no, they took the suit back when we were done…




  1. incredible! you just went up to the top of my list of favorite people.

  2. Scary, iggy, VERY scary! But I forgive you for being a car salesman! (grins)

  3. LOL!


    I am trying to fogive myself for that!

    Sadly it was a very bad car dealership and is still going through some lawsuits.

    As for me, I was often told i was the most honest salesman the person had ever had… then the dealership would screw them over.

    It was really sad.

    I ended up doing deliver of the cars the month after this promotional. My sales being marginal, and with all the running around doing this promostional, dropped even lower and they fired me. Then rehired me to do the deliveries and I made more money. LOL!

    I was glad though to get out of there as it was not an honest dealership at all… and saddest, the owner was supposed to be a “Christian”.

    So, I look at this as a bit bitter sweet…


  4. That’s OK, iggy, time for a confession. I was in the mobile home and modular business in the early 70’s. The modular end was geared like regular home sales, mortgages and the like but, the mobile home end was just like the car business. Financing, working floorplans just like the auto business…I’ve got NO room to talk!! (grins). Often the tactics were the same.

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