So Ken Silva… What is your beef with Tony Jones?

December 15, 2007
I am going to just ask this open question.
I have read much of Ken Silva’ “false” accusations against many… yet I am wondering what are the specific things Ken holds against Tony?
Now, if you use the “Tony used the “f” word… I will remind you Ken you used the headline,and the quote many more times than Tony has… and in fact I am on record as asking Tony to tame down his language… so let’s move on from that one.
Yet, how can you justify the name calling?
What are the facts behind these “names”… that make them so true?
I am holding this out so that you can state your case. So far I see these as slander and lies… but then, it seems you thrive on those things.
So, without making this all about me… let’s talk about Tony Jones… and all the facts (which seemed to become opinions as of late) that you have piling up against him.
Updated: This is an example of Ken’s “research” (now opinion) in which as usual he gives only half the story.
So Ken… about the lies and slander (I mean “opinions”) concerning Tony… I am still waiting for you to prove your lies and slander as Truth…

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  1. I guess he has no beef.

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