An Open Letter to Matt Slick

December 5, 2007

I wanted to thank you for having Doug Pagitt on. I am also part of the “emerging church”. Though I am not a “member” of emergent, I have seen much value in the things they discuss. I see that they are especially of value in the area of Christoplatonism.
I wanted to also thank you for not being rude. So often these type of interviews are reduced to just that. I was a bit worried though with the opening. =) You might also find it interesting that I really appreciate Doug yet do not agree with him on all points… especially in the area of “eternal security”. Yet, there are orthodox people on both sides of that issue.
In the ec I hope you realize that there is much room in our conversation. As you might have already noticed there are some that view women pastors are fine and some like Mark Driscoll (who some of us no longer see as “emerging”), who do not see that is fine. Yet, within the “movement” (which is still an in-house debate whether to call it that or if it is one) we are open to challenging one another… with respect.

In regards to Karen Ward, I am not that read up on her myself. She may be considered a “leader” but there are some that consider ME that also… which I have to chuckle over as I am not that much of one if I am! LOL!
Yet, in this case you were unkind and did admit it to Doug. I think you should apologize.
Now, having said that, I agree with you that if she did state that it was OK to not believe in the physical resurrection of Jesus then she is in error… and most other emerging/emergent I have run into would not agree with her at all.
Now, how we work though is if she is in error, and this is brought to the table of discussion so to say, she would be challenged by the rest of us. Again, mutual respect is help as one of the highest of values as we view commonly that God places high value on all humans be they believer or not. He sent His Son to die for us so we see that as one of the greatest values.
In this type of discussion we will firmly debate with one another. If one cannot “back their view” biblically… then we will agree to place in the secondary position of “is this an essential”.
In this iron sharpens iron… and I am sure Doug will talk with Karen and if it is as you state will discuss this.
As far as your ministry, I agree that you are in a very interesting place. To look for “orthodoxy” and to find whether one is a heretic or not would be tough to do. Yet, still if a person be a Mormon or JW, I would still place love in front of all things as I approached them. Mostly I would allow God to work as I did converse with them. I would challenge their view but not deride the person.
Walter Martin, who I understand mentored you, (unlike that other guy who stated he was mentored by Walter as he listened to a bunch of tapes) stated that this was very important to do… to not put down their leaders or attack their person… but focus solely on their doctrines.
As far as how this is done, I think it depends on the person. I have had to confront unbelievers who were sick from drinking binges… and after the second or third time I ran them to the emergency room I would be straight forward and tell them they needed help… and I would not let them get away with saying they had a “disease”. As, I am diabetic and have an actual disease I see that someone who places a substance purposely in their body, as in the case of alcohol is a drunk, not “sick” in the same way as someone with cancer. They need help but they do need to be confronted with their “sin” that is killing them. Cancer never comes in a glass nor did my diabetes. (I understand that this is a bit out of the AA understanding, but the bible calls a drunk a drunk) This may sound harsh but I am meaning that I have built a bit of a relationship… and in that can give that person my honest and blunt opinion. Also, I see that this person is dying and in that do not care to waste much time “just to be nice” though I do not want to be unkind.
I think that Doug was very much in your face, yet you could sense he cared and still had genuine love for you as you talked… I see that this is the way you need to confront others also.
Over all I wanted to thank you as I did. I have been attacked by some very harshly and called an apostate and told I am not saved, just becuase I have a link to Brian McLaren on my website… that is a bit silly as I also have Dr. J Vernon McGee and Chuck Missler. They seemed to not care in my confession of faith in Jesus but only that they hate those they see outside their own narrow belief and doctrine… in fact many of these get confused when I state things like “having a relationship with Jesus” or “must recieve the Life of Christ” which seems to me the most crucial of beliefs one should have as a believer in Jesus.
I wanted to recommend two other “emerging” folk.
Andrew Jones is a great guy and I think you would enjoy interviewing him. He is also known as the Tall Skinny Kiwi. I would also recommend Scot McKnight who is a professor and author and considered to be one of the finest up and coming theologians out there today. His blog is called Jesus Creed like his book of hte same name. Allen Roxburgh of ALLELON would be another person as he is very close to Brian McLaren.
Be blessed,


  1. Looks like tooting one’s own horn and going for the Google juice to me.

  2. Ken,


    I have never faulted you for you using others names for your own purpose.

    I fault you only that you judge and condemn others…

    So, do not judge me by some strange standard you have concocted in your own head…

    I have been following Matt for a while and I found and interesting quote from someone who actually met and worked with Walter Martin…

    “Finally, as far as Walter Martin goes, I had the privilege of learning under Dr. Martin for about 3 years as he taught at a church near where I lived. I went to his weekly Bible studies and met him several times. I happen to know that Dr. Walter Martin referred to himself as a Cal-Minian. That is, he held to some Calvinist doctrines as well as Arminian ones…” ~ Matt Slick…

    So if you want to attack me do so… go ahead and post about me posting with lots of referring post… but notice that mine all go to outside links and not to my own site like 95% (or more) of yours do… LOL! Also, none of those are just to get hits… they serve a purpose so that when Matt reads this, (and he will) he has easy access to the people I am referring him to.

    Be blessed,

    I have never thought you my Nemesis or enemy… = )

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