The Gospel According to John MacArthur

November 2, 2007

John W. Robbins wrote an interesting article that when I read it I had to laugh as much of what i have found true of Macarthur’s “Gospel” is stated by Dr. Robbins.

A bit about J.W. Robbins. First he is no fly by night “Trout” anti MacArthur propagandist. In fact even if much that is right on about some of those guys, there is also much to be said about staying away from them also. So many that “attack” MacArthur are on the fringe.

Now though there are many that are biblical scholars that stand up and review the actual theology of MacArthur. I see Dr. Robbins in this category.

Here is his bio.

Here is a bit of the article on John MacArthur’s theology:

“MacArthur rejects the Biblical view of justification and adopts the Roman Catholic view: “Many people believe justified means ‘just-as-if-I’d-never-sinned.’ In other words, God says, ‘I count you righteous even though you’re really not.’ It is true that God makes that declaration, but there is also a reality of righteousness. We are not only declared righteous; we are made righteous”(Justification by Faith, 1988, 98). This making righteous is accomplished by infusing Christ’s righteousness into Christians: “God actually credits righteousness to our account. He imputes righteousness to us; he infuses divine life into us. He regenerates and sanctifies us. He makes the unholy holy, and therefore declares that we are righteous…. There is a reality–God gives us righteousness, and thus he can declare that we are righteous” (Justification, 121). MacArthur writes: “The believing sinner is justified by righteousness infused into him” (Justification, 122).”

Here is the whole article.

Download the PDF version of this review.

Here is a link to the The Westminster Confession of Faith at the Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics

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