Do we live by "Christianity" or by Jesus.

October 9, 2007

I have to wonder at some of critics that are out there.

I have seen these things.

1. A person write against Erwin McManus’ “the Barbarian Way” as he took the side of the civilized religionist… proudly!
2. A person add to statements so that they fit their critic…
3. People who lift up foul mouthed reformers like Martin Luther then attack Mark Driscoll. (Martin Luther like to use colorful scatological language.)
4. People who when challenged for their teaching as being biblical quote Spurgeon to prove it is!
5. People who condemn me for “playing down heaven and hell” and that the Gospel is all about “me”… I have to laugh as it is them who say “I got saved so I will not go to Hell and I get to go to Heaven”… I state that God came through Jesus to preach the Kingdom of God and that I am privileged to be called and enter into His Kingdom. Heaven is a by product of the big picture God is doing… and so is my salvation… so I am wondering… were is this all about me. Yet, it seems that many do accuse myself and others, then turn around and preach a “me-driven” gospel themselves! The focus of Christianity is not me, but Jesus Christ.

Now, here is the big difference that I see and it is summed up it this quote by Chris P.

“I believe that Mike’s point is that the majority of those claiming christianity, which is a religion btw, are not necessarily true saints.”

Notice that “Christianity is a religion to Chris and if you look at the other examples that seems to be the consensus of this group! It is not a relationship with God through the death, burial and resurrection of His Son Jesus and then being filled with the Holy Spirit! Nope, it is a religion that is civilized and controllable and that can be understood by mere human reasoning.

They worship a controlled God of their own vain imaginations!

Then they accuse others of being me-based, when their whole religion is the same as the Pharisees who thought they could get God to move by their strict obedience to the Law.

God is sovereign and in no way impressed with man’s religion. He is impressed only with His Son and those who depend totally on Jesus for salvation.

Be Blessed,

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