Quoting Tozer: Isn’t it Great that CRN is anti-mystics yet…

September 16, 2007
I find it so funny that CRN quotes Tozer regularly… and yet rants against many things Tozer taught!

1. Tozer promoted “Christian mysticism”.

Although many Christians cringe at the term “mystic,” A.W. Tozer used the term to mean, “that spiritual experience common to the saints of the Bible times and well known to multitudes of persons in the post-biblical era.” He referred to the evangelical mystic as one “who has been brought by the gospel into intimate fellowship with the Godhead.” from the back of the book: The Christian Book of Mystical Verse by A. W. Tozer

2. Tozer promoted “Free Will” Here is another source.

Tozer was asked by a young man studying at a Bible school, “Dr. Tozer when the boys begin to debate Arminian and Calvinistic theology, what position should I take.” Dr. Tozer replied, “Son, when they begin that debate you go and get in your prayer closet and you cry out to God and in four years you will be closer to the Lord but those boys will still be debating Arminianism and Calvinism.”

Now the real question is why would CRN quote Tozer and as I also do at times… being of emerging persuasion… I believe this quote sums it up.

Some wonder why “Tozer’s writings are as fresh today as when he was alive. It is because, as one friend commented, “He left the superficial, the obvious and the trivial for others to toss around. . . . [His] books reach deep into the heart.”

Yet, if one disagrees with someone to the point of name calling and often slanderous accusations… then why quote from someone that seems to back the ideas of your opponent… unless it is to show both are wrong. Why use one to show his ideals are yours when they are not? Now that IS the question that one need ask CRN.

Be Blessed,

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