Of respect and gentleness

September 14, 2007

Normally I might have had about 5 or 6 posts out this week… yet for some reason I am just not that motivated.

Partly there are some things at work… I won’t go into detail but the stress level has risen a bit. I also have been feeling better but in that I am doing more outside thing. Being on that statin drug limited me as far as what i could or felt able to do… Most often work drained me and I would on occasion go for a walk, but mostly I just felt “tired”.

The other thing is I am taking some time as to a direction… I was going to pop off a couple of “John MacArthur” posts, but they seems lame and quite frankly John MacArthur has become a bit boring. Also, I think that there is not much more to say. I do not agree with “Lordship Salvation” nor do I agree that one must commit to all the things John states one does to be saved… as that is “works” plain and simple… I see that if one accepts Jesus for Who He is… one will grow in their faith and realize what and who Jesus is. Noted that most Lordship Salvation people miss that all will call Jesus Lord one day… but not all will be saved in their acknowledgement of Jesus as Lord. Some will bend that knee and call Him Lord and still enter the Lake of Fire.

NOW, I have had some fun at CRN.info as they have some really good posts up now… I would at least take a look at this weeks worth of post… I have done a lot of comments there… enough to probably have posted a good dozen times here.

Yet, still I am truly wanting to move in a different direction. Sparing with someone over theology is fun, but if the other is more resentful toward you and has little to no respect, it gets a bit tiresome to continue a dialog that seems to only entrench oneself further in one own position.

I will not state the name, but I have also been emailing back and forth with a writer from CRN who thinks I have been using Ken Silva as a punching bag at CRN.info… I noted that it goes like this…

I ask Ken a question concerning he accusation against me or that he set up in an article… Ken responds with mockery or a put down… I do something like a Jujitsu move using Ken’s own momentum and then he just gets nastier.

But, you see the guy missed that Ken started the punch with accusation that have nothing behind them…

I have asked for direct quotes concerning the accusations against people like Brian McLaren…

1. Where has he stated he does not believe in the biblical “Hell”?
2. Where has he stated he is a “universalist”?
3.Where has he stated that to be gay is OK and not a sin?

What I am usually given, if given anything is a video that states we need to have compassion on the lost… which includes gay people… but no where does Brian condone sin.

I also asked for quotes about other accusations.

1. Give me a direct quote where Tony Jones or anyone at Emergent Village denies “biblical” truth.
2. Show me a direct quote that anyone at emergent village denies the “authority” of scripture.

Now, the inerrancy question is not about same issue that most “fundamentalist” think… as they have a definition that is much different from those who originally stated the definition was. And yes, Spencer Burke has stated he is a universalist… but most miss that there is a twist… he believes in hell… so, all emergents deny hell except Spencer… LOL!

It is a crazy world.

In this conversation we acknowledge no one has it all together or has all the answers. Theology should not just be about sword rattling, but it can also be fun. If we cannot talk to each other, then we miss out that someone might have a piece that we needed that can help our understanding of our faith in God. We will and should not all agree… and yes some are or have gone off the tracks, yet i see that in even the fundamentalist who believes KJVonly… or that tongue have ended… or that prophecy has ended… (as in the case of Frank Turk at teampyro, who seems to like to defend the self proclaimed last day prophet Ken Silva… go figure that one out).

This is a fascinating time and really a hard time. Many miss that schools do not teach “biblical” ideas… that God is not a given in most homes and that the American dream has replace Christian values. Yet, somehow people expect that others just understand the Christian world view… but you see, the world is watching us… and they are wiser that we give them credit. Even Jesus pointed that out in the parable of the shrewd manager in Luke 16.

When we do not take time to listen and already assume we have the answer I see we lose out at the chance that God will do something even greater. It is not wrong to be able to give an answer… but the last part of the oft quoted verse… is with gentleness and kindness… here see what I mean.

1 Peter 3: 15-16
But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander.

When we lose sight of gentleness and respect truly we must then rationalize things like our judgmentalism… and we lose even more as we give ground for others to speak maliciously against us and against Jesus.

I know I am guilty of this… so no need to write and tell me. Yet, I always look for any opportunity to move toward reconciliation and that one can be restored. I may rag on Ken Silva, but I earnestly seek that he can see the harm he has done and that his ministry can also focus on not just the negative, but give praise to those who show that they are orthodox and not just run them down more. I pray that Ken also gives a door to reconciliation and restoration of the brothers he sees as “in sin” and more I pray that humility will allow Ken to go to even greater heights in his ministry.

So, I guess this post is about gentleness and respect for others. Give an answer… but realize that even if you can answer all the questions a person has… the only real answer is Jesus and that is truly all we have to give anyone.

Again, I am far from the target… but that is why I turned to Jesus in the first place.

Be Blessed,

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